I’m just a full-grown baby still trying to figure things out. Equally exasperated and awe-struck by the moments that make up the days that make up the years that make up life. Most of this is reflections on that.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Rachael:

    Apologies for my delay in response. Thanks much for sharing yr blogsite w/ me. Delightful (& sometimes ghastly true) accounts herein. I particularly enjoy yr acerbic wit re Rich People in the Belvedere experience! Tone-perfect….

    Out of feline curiosity, where are you pursuing yr MFA? (& huzzah to yr pursuit!)

    Thanks as well for yr reciprocal interest in my work. The website link attached to this post leads to the latest issue of the lit review I co-edit. You’ll find 3 of my game-score compositions & 4 sound pieces therein.

    Keep the pen (errr, cursor?) moving!


  2. Hello Rachel,
    It was nice to run into you at your favorite off-downtown coffee shop today. Thank you for sharing this address. I’m an instant fan of your writing tone. You’ve also pre-empted an intention I had to write about Robert, the neighborhood guitar-slinger. I share a fascination with him. We’ve exchanged a couple cigarettes.

    I have enjoyed running into you and discovering an uncharacteristic crossover similarity in interests. I’m writing in priase of your writing and blog offerings and to encourage you to continue to pen them. Also, I’m in the abyss and seeking friends who inspire me according to similar interests. So it would be great to hang out some time and do whatever it is you do when you’re not disgrunted at a “good news” coffee shop (like, hang out at other coffee shops?). It is sincerely a platonic offer, and hopefully me publishing this note on your comments page is proof of that. I’m not looking for “dates” these days, I’m looking for friends. The kinds of friends who catch random Durkheim and Goffman references. So please email me at the address I registered as a fan of your bloggering, if you’d be so interested, or if you just want to back and forth email on writing ideas, etc. Or, see you when I see you! Best and keep writing either way, Aaron

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